Government legislation discourages investors, says trade group head


The Greek government legislates in a way that discourages investors, the head of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV) said on Tuesday, during a press conference on a draft bill that he said will increase the cost for businesses that hire contractors.

Theodoros Fessas said the draft legislation, which will be voted on in Parliament later in the day, includes provisions that go against the proposals made by numerous trade groups.

According to the bill, companies that hire contractors will be obliged to ensure the payment of outstanding wages, social security contributions and any outstanding severance pay, as well as any compensation for accidents at work and the application of health and safety measures.

This means that if the company they hired fails to fulfill these obligations, the company who assigned the work will be responsible for implementing those rights.

Fessas accused the government of trying to divide employers between “good” and “bad,” adding that the markets will not forgive the scaling back of reforms.