Ministry continues clash with Attiki Odos

Ministry continues clash with Attiki Odos

The clash between the Infrastructure Ministry and Attiki Odos SA, the operator of the capital’s ringroad, is showing no signs of letup, as the former is suspending the toll hike planned on the highway from July 1 through a legislative act.

The ministry said in a statement that the increase in tolls, which would see the charge for private cars rise to 3 euros per trip from 2.80 euros today, will be frozen until the completion of the financial inspection of the concession contract that is currently under way.

The statement referred to “unilateral, unexpected and abusive acts” by the highway operator, “that seeks to consolidate a situation that is favorable for its economic interests just before the general election, but at the expense of the public interest.”

The ministry added that on election day, July 7, there will be no toll charges on highways.