Discount for the timely payment of contributions


Self-employed individuals and freelance professionals who pay their April social security contributions on time will get a 25 percent discount, as was also the case with February and March contributions.

To date, the consequences of the pandemic on the revenues of the Single Social Security Fund (EFKA) have been generating concern, as they have mainly affected freelancers’ payments, but the Finance Ministry has decided to extend the discount that applied in the last couple of months.

Therefore, the pay notices for the April contributions, expected to be uploaded on the e-EFKA online platform toward the end of this month, will also give the country’s approximately 900,00 self-employed and freelance professionals the chance to pay a quarter less if they pay up in time.

The Government Gazette has also published the ministerial decision providing for the extension of the deadline for the payment of the April contributions by freelancers and self-employed professionals until November 30.