Spyros Theodoropoulos: We must teach our children the importance of production

Spyros Theodoropoulos: We must teach our children  the importance of production


This unprecedented period has been undoubtedly difficult. We had grave concerns about issues of health, the economy, and the spread of the coronavirus. What shocked us the most, though, was the news of so many thousands of deaths around the world. 

We at Chipita, with factories all over the world employing some 1,000 workers each, had an extra concern, as the possibility of a coronavirus case at any one of them would have been a problem first for the health of our employees and secondly for our operations.

It is clear now that many businesses have begun to embrace the idea of flexible working.

On the other hand, we should not forget that there are people in the sectors of production, tourism, and hospitality whose work requires a physical presence.

An additional factor we should take into account when we attempt to make forecasts about the future of teleworking is the opportunity to socialize in our working environment, which is essential.


In a country like Greece, we need to emphasize the importance of production. We can only achieve that if we change some of our ways of thinking, if we stop being opposed to entrepreneurship.

Greece has been deindustrialized to a large degree and we have become dependent on tourism, so when tourism is sick, the whole country gets sick.

We need to learn to produce, to teach our children the importance of production, and to support the primary and secondary sectors. We may be a small country, but now that we don’t have to pay stamp duties anymore, we can address over half a billion citizens in Europe. Let us not forget that, geographically, Greece is in an advantageous position, allowing it access to a huge market.

Although in the past, production in Greece was not competitive, due to the high labor and energy costs, there is a clear convergence trend with Europe. Bureaucracy may still be a drawback, but the pandemic has seen the state get off to a good start in terms of cutting red tape.


No doubt we can and should capitalize on the improvement of our country’s image and its people during this period. Yet at the same time, we should seek out opportunities to develop the primary sector – opportunities that have not yet been exhausted as this particular sector has not been fully utilized.

In that sense, the creation and promotion of positive examples for young people will help them understand that they can realize their dreams and that there is another way besides creating a startup. Only then can the counterproductive mentality change and the “I consume only if I produce” mentality be applied.

Opportunities do not appear and disappear over time: They are always there, because the market is always there, as long as we have the mind-set, the disposition, and the commitment the market requires. Because while the production process is not easy, it certainly offers a satisfying journey.


Having started in Greece in 1973, Chipita is now a truly international company. With 14 factories in 11 countries, Its products are available at over 500.000 points of sale in 56 countries. By constantly growing and innovating, more people around the world can get to love Greeks’ favorite snacks.

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