Christos Harpantidis: Together we can achieve success after the coronavirus

Christos Harpantidis: Together we can achieve success after the coronavirus


The effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue. Today, though we are already talking about the day after, the only constant is the uncertainty. The universality of the consequences of this unprecedented crisis leaves no society, no economy untouched.

It is only human, as it is necessary, to seek the next steps that will lead to a new normal, with the constant threat of uncertainty which will henceforth characterize life and business worldwide. In this search, every citizen, every society, every economy is called upon to redefine its narrative of recovery and put it into practice.

A challenge of substance

The pandemic, which suspended plans and dashed expectations worldwide, in Greece led to policies that were put into practice with consensus and consistency and that, for the first time, vindicated expectations. As a country, we have won a challenge of substance, not impressions. We became the protagonists of the success of our solution.

Guided by science and cooperation, we left behind our traditional limitations and in two months, abolished stereotypes and exclusions that until yesterday had seemed invincible. We learned that we can and that we know how. But now we need to make use of this unprecedented knowledge.

Though we don’t know when it will be, the day that will follow the pandemic remains an urgent challenge. We are all called upon to find ways to make things better, by starting work now so that we can prepare for the future. Restarting the economy is not an easy task. It will not be achieved at the push of a button.

The pandemic will continue to cause strong shocks. However, we have come out stronger from the coronavirus crisis. For the first time in decades, we stood tall. We worked with a plan, rules, solidarity and responsibility, managing to bring out the best in ourselves. We are now equipped with a new set of values which should serve as a compass for the next day.

Greece has shown that it can be a dynamic player that knows how to fight. So, now it is time to capitalize on what we have achieved. We need to mobilize, not to cover for the lost wealth, but to discover the new wealth we can create. The main issue, therefore, is not continuity but acceleration, a leap forward, with Greece at the centre of a new, inclusive growth plan, where no one will be left out.

This would require a new philosophy that we can all adhere to, with creative synergies that multiply economic and social benefits. We need open minds and a new perception of the “Made in Greece” mixture of sustainable extroversion. A mix that will take advantage of new technologies, that will support research and science, encourage innovation and provide stable, high quality and better-paying jobs.

Shielding the economy

The new day for the Greek economy is just one decision away. It is a decision that we must all make and a responsibility that we must all take on together. It will have to be created and supported by citizens, businesses and the state, an extensive network of highly diversified business activities that will grow in a balanced manner, contributing to shoring up the country’s economy through a dynamic ecosystem of business activity that will benefit the country.

We will continue to be present, we will continue to do what organizations with high ideals do, we will continue to offer great solutions and set high expectations, leading to a better shared future.


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