Maximum heating subsidy set at €600


The maximum heating subsidy distributed to needy households this year will be much higher than last year, and will be given to more recipients, as, besides heating oil, the handout will also cover purchases of natural gas and even firewood and pellets for those living in settlements with up to 2,500 inhabitants.

According to the announcement by Alternate Finance Minister Theodoros Skylakakis, the handout’s ceiling per household this winter will be 600 euros, against just €350 last year. The minimum amount to be handed out to eligible households will remain at €80.

Skylakakis reiterated that the ministry will apply a new system this year for the calculation of the benefit for each area, based on local data from the National Meteorological Service.

For each of Greece’s 200,000 blocks of 750 meters by 750 meters, there will be a separate coefficient based on weather conditions, to be multiplied by the maximum amount of €600 for the final sum due.

Therefore handouts could differ greatly within the same town, while the subsidy level will not be affected by the type of fuel used.