Burgas-Alexandroupolis plan close to political endorsement

Greek Development Minister Dimitris Sioufas yesterday opened a two-day meeting in Athens on the Burgas-Alexandroupolis crude oil pipeline, saying that, despite past backtrackings Greece, Russia and Bulgaria are ready to proceed with will and determination to realize the project, after making significant progress in the last few months. Representatives from the three states are discussing the economic and technical details about the pipeline’s viability for the tripartite political Cooperation Memorandum for its construction to be signed soon. Recent continuous contact among Greek, Russian and Bulgarian authorities has brought the political agreement closer. He also expressed his certainty that the project «will open a new golden chapter in relations among Russia, Bulgaria and Greece,» and added «this pipeline will not be competing with the strait; it will operate in parallel and complementing the Bosporus Strait.» The minister promised that Athens will provide every possible assistance, resolving any tax and customs issues pending, so that the investment plan for the pipeline becomes more attractive and profitable.