Lists of suppliers and clients become mandatory in electronic form next year

Businesses and self-employed professionals will have to submit to tax authorities lists of their suppliers and clients in 2004 by December 30, depending on the last digit of their tax registration number (AFM). The deadline for AFMs ending in 1, 2, 3 and 4 expires on October 21, for 5 and 6 on November 11, for 7 and 8 on December 2, and for 9 and 0 on December 30. This is the last year that lists may be submitted in written or CD form, including through Citizens’ Service Centers (KEP). From next year, all lists will have to be submitted in electronic form through the Finance Ministry’s website ( The ministry is planning 10 new, EU-subsidized, electronic services with a total budget of 45 million euros. These include a central portal for all services at the Economy and Finance Ministry through which citizens may obtain information and submit questions around the clock and the year, and separate services for pensioners and property owners, with two-way, online communication facilities.