In Brief

Record number of British tourists forecast A record 3 million British tourists are forecast to visit Greece this year, compared to 2.7 million in 2001, the National Tourism Organization (EOT) Chairman Yiannis Patelis said during a visit to London yesterday, citing estimates by the Association of British Travel Agents. The improvement is mainly attributed to better airport infrastructure in Athens, Iraklion, Corfu and Rhodes, and an upgrading of basic services. Patelis, who was at the Confex exhibition, said that EOT aims to make a big push in order to establish Greece in this market sector. Panafon shareholders OK royalty fee Shareholders of Greek mobile operator Vodafone-Panafon yesterday approved the company’s name change as well as a royalty payment to Vodafone for use of its brand. Panafon will pay parent company Vodafone 0.7 percent of annual service revenues, officials said. (Reuters) Euro pushes prices up The introduction of the euro in Greece has been followed by sizable and unjustified price increases, especially on basic necessities, according to the latest survey by the Consumers Institute (INKA).