Parents face higher school fees next year

Private school tuition fees are projected to rise more than 5 percent in the next academic year (2008-2009), following an increase of 4.6 percent last year. The rate of increase is calculated by the use of a mathematical formula, taking into account the mean annual inflation rate and staff remuneration levels. In the coming days, the Development Ministry is to announce the amount of pay raises educators are to receive for the next school year. Private school representatives say educational staff salaries have gone up some 8.0 percent, while the costs of running schools have been further augmented by soaring oil prices. Annual tuition fees, depending on both grade and school, range between 3,500 euros and 12,000 euros. Private schools throughout Greece provide education to approximately 90,000 students, accounting for 7.0 percent of the country’s overall student population. The Association of Private Schools has asked its members to prepare and notify them of their fees, which the Development Ministry each year puts on the Internet to inform parents.