Ministry clamps down on ghoulish doll series

The government yesterday banned the sale of an imported ghoulish doll series, arguing that the toys posed a threat to children’s mental health. Sold in little black coffins, the US-made plastic dolls are accompanied by «death certificates,» and sell for about 35 euros. Featuring pallid 10-inch high childish figures with putrescent-looking eyes, they are produced by the Mezco Toyz company, which calls them «Living Dead Dolls.» «These toys constitute a serious threat to the smooth formation and development of children’s personalities, as well as to their mental health,» the Ministry of Development said in a statement yesterday. The sale of the dolls was banned as of yesterday, while ministry inspectors raided Athens toy shops and confiscated stocks – which are to be destroyed. As of Saturday, the ministry said, toy shops selling the dolls will be fined up to 58,700 euros.