Dafermos given gov’t standard against graft

Presenting its new «standard-bearer» in a war on public sector corruption, the government yesterday called on the judiciary to appoint a special prosecutor to handle graft. Retired judge Constantinos Dafermos – whose work as head of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data repeatedly raised the hackles of the Church and the conservative opposition – will serve as Greece’s first General Inspector for Public Administration. At a press conference yesterday, Interior Minister Costas Skandalidis called him «a standard-bearer against corruption.» Skandalidis also called on Supreme Court prosecutor Evangelos Kroustallakis – who, on Sunday, issued a diatribe against public sector corruption – to appoint a prosecutor to handle such cases. To start with, Dafermos will forward to Kroustallakis six cases of alleged graft regarding regional town-planning and agriculture officials.