Turkey had plan to take over 131 Aegean islands, formations, report says


The Turkish military had prepared a list of 131 islands, islets and rock formations in the Aegean Sea whose status is disputed by Ankara and prepared plans to take them over in a possible armed conflict with Greece, according to a confidential document obtained and published by Nordic Monitor.

According to the report, the plan was part of a study that focused on coordination among branches of the Turkish armed forces in a time of crisis between the two NATO allies.

The disputed islands, islets and rock formations included: three locations on Ladoxer (Zurefa in Turkish), 13 on Koyun Adalari (Oinousses), 21 on Hursit (Fimena), 18 on Nergiscik (Arkii), 15 Keci (Pserimos), 12 on Gelemez (Kalolimnos), 2 on Bulimic (Farmakonisi), 10 on Sakarcilar (Yali), 11 on Kocbaba (Levita), 2 on Karaada (Strongili) and 24 locations around the island of Crete.