PM unveils plan to relocate ministries to former defense factory; create park


Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis officially unveiled on Saturday an ambitious government plan to relocate nine ministries from the center of Athens to the site of the old defense industry complex of Pyrkal, in the area of Hymettus in east-central Athens.

The intervention, he said, will free up four hectares of common areas for citizens and create a park of 8 hectares, and will allow the State to save about 1 billion euros in rent — calculated over 25 years based on the rents paid today by the government.


“It is a great day for the municipality of Municipality of Dafni-Hymettus as we are announcing the launch of an extremely ambitious urban regeneration project,” the prime minister said during an event organised at the former factory. 

He said the creation of a new “government park” offers a unique opportunity for urban regeneration which on the one hand will substantially change this part of the city and on the other hand will offer better buildings for the public administration.