Zakynthos police beefed up in response to mob hits


In response to the recent increase in mob-related crime on Zakynthos, the police presence on the Ionian island is being beefed up, with Citizens’ Protection Minister Michalis Chrysochoidis announcing structural changes, while an independent department will be created at the airport. 

“Police authorities and services have recently been strengthened with 120 police officers, while last year we had only 17,” said Chrysochoidis, who said the purpose of his visit to the island on Friday was to review the changes and see what more needs to be done.

The Zakynthos force will reportedly be modeled on that of Mykonos, whose defenses against organized crime have been boosted with more than 100 officers.

“It is our decision to prosecute crime on Zakynthos, to deal with organized crime, to deal with the drug phenomenon and a series of other acts of lawlessness, on the island and especially in places such as Laganas,” said Chrysochoidis.