50 Years Ago Today

EDUCATION PROBLEMS: It has been reported that the Finance Ministry has demanded that the state school textbook publisher pay 1.5 billion drachmas within the month for tariffs on imports of paper used to publish books for Greek schoolchildren. The publisher is unable to pay the tariff – the books have already been priced for some time – and considers it unacceptable to double the normal price of books. Therefore, it will protest the Finance Ministry’s demand, emphasizing that it is unheard of to import thousands of tons of paper for magazines and burden the people with expensive schoolbooks. PRIZES: The judges of the Athens Archbishopric’s competition has awarded prizes to the architect P. Karantinos and the sculptor G. Zongolopoulos. FROU-FROU: Melina Mercouri’s first appearance following her return from France will be at the Rex in Frou-Frou, arranged specially for the Kotopouli Theater. ELENI VAKALO: New books: Eleni Vakalo has just issued her latest collection of poetry. PAOK-AEK 2-2: About 8,000 people watched a friendly game between Panathinaikos and AEK yesterday afternoon. The proceeds of the game, which ended in a tie, went to the Friends of the Police organization. Huge sums of money evade taxation, hence the public purse is drained of precious funds at a time of major fiscal difficulties.