Varied mix on private channels

A success equal to last year’s «Eisai to Tairi Mou» (You’re My Perfect Mate) on Mega has not emerged to date, while private channels have produced fewer series than in previous years. Only three new series are being produced by Mega this year. One, «Trapeza» (Bank), is in fact returning to the screen after being displaced by «The Farm» reality show. Another, «Fevga,» (Leave) is being given a slot after midnight on Sunday (and, until recently, on Friday) from Thursday at 11.00 p.m. which was its former slot. Prime time changes Supposedly, such changes to late night television are made «to assist the program» and due to scenes not suitable for children. But surveys suggest that Mega has increased light entertainment on prime time TV – including reality shows – to 40.8 percent from 22.2 percent (October 2001 – May 2002). Serials dropped from 29.6 percent to 20.5 percent. Antenna started out with seven new series. One of them, «Fili Zois» (Kiss of Life), made way last year for «Big Brother 2.» «Educating Babis» has returned, while «Akros Oikogeniakon» (Extremely Familial) was hastily wrapped up. Statistics show an increase in series (33 percent from 27.3 percent) and a decrease in light entertainment (37.3 percent from 41.9 percent). Alpha, too, has increased the number of series to 36.4 percent from 24.1 percent, slashing the number of films (24.1 percent from 40.6 percent), while it continues the five series already running, with «Ah kai na’ Xeres» and «Horevontas sti Siopi» (Dancing in Silence) standing out until now. Star, which last year had three Greek series, removed them completely this year, increasing the number of foreign movies instead.