Island tax offices to close

The Finance Ministry has announced the closure of 6 tax offices located on Greek islands this month, while another 14 bureaus are set to merge with other tax offices by September 1.

Closing down by June 17 are the tax offices of Salamina, Cythera, Thassos, Paxi, Ithaca and Leros.

The move is part of the country’s streamlining strategy in accordance with the memorandum signed with Greece’s partners and creditors which calls for the operation of 120 tax offices within 2013, compared to 290 which operated in 2011.

The project of restructuring the ministry’s agencies began in October 2012 with the closure of 47 tax bureaus, followed by the closure of another 51 bureaus in January 2013.

According to the ministry, all tax offices that close down will be replaced by service bureaus that for taxpayers.