Greeks want peace

The overwhelming majority (94.1 percent) of Greeks are against the war in Iraq, far more than in any other European country, according to a recent nationwide poll by Metron Analysis. The war has also boosted anti-American feeling in Greece, as 77.5 percent of those polled expressed a negative view of the USA, with only 5.4 percent favorably disposed toward it. There is a contrasting increase in the pro-Europe bloc; 67.9 percent were in favor of the European Union and 55.6 percent want to see it politically unified. The poll also found that the Iraq war has created a climate of strong insecurity as well as encouraging the desire to stage demonstrations, which nearly half thought were «positive,» compared to 38.7 percent last November. Nearly everyone felt the war had negative repercussions on the Greek economy (94.8 percent) and on regional stability (91.4 percent). The majority also thought there would be an international crisis following the Iraq war (26.9 percent though it was «very» likely, 35.9 percent «quite» likely).