This Week

Monday European Commissioner Anna Diamantopoulou to attend the meeting of 15 EU members’ citizens’ advocates in Athens. To tomorrow. Round-table discussion on «Enlargement and Convention for the Future of Europe,» organized by the Greek Section of the European Movement, the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Athens and the Young European Federalists. The first deputy foreign minister of the Czech Republic and government representative of the Czech Republic in the Convention, Jan Kohout, will attend. At the European Parliament building, 8 Amalias Ave, Athens, at 6.30 p.m., tel 210.671.9701. Alternate Foreign Minister Tassos Yiannitsis to meet with Spain’s special envoy for the Prestige disaster, Martin Villa. Alternate Foreign Minister Yiannitsis to meet with Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Jan Kohout. Interior Minister Costas Skandalidis to announce proposal for the new code for local government. Tuesday IOC’s Coordination Commission, headed by its chairman, Denis Oswald, is due in Athens to meet with Athens 2004 Organizing Committee. At the Athens 2004 headquarters, Iolkou & Filikis Etairias, N. Ionia. To Thursday. Bulgarian President Georgi Parvanov visits Athens. Michalis Kassimis to testify before investigating judge Leonidas Zervobeakos on charges of being involved with the May 1 terrorist group. He has denied the charges. Haralambos Dousemetzis, 25, to appear before court in Bedlington, England, to make a plea for his release on bail. He is being held on terrorism-linked charges. UNICEF to hold a tele-marathon to collect money in aid of Iraqi children. Members of Thessaloniki Labor Union meet with unions of Macedonia and Thrace to discuss further anti-war actions and preparations for demonstrations scheduled to be held in June in view of the EU Summit in Halkidiki. «The Beauties and Secrets of the Czech Republic» exhibition opens at the Piraeus Municipal Theater. To April 17. Wednesday Prime Minister Costas Simitis and Foreign Minister George Papandreou visit Belgrade to attend a Balkan summit. They are also expected to meet with Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul for talks on the Cyprus issue. Thursday Chairman of the IOC’s Coordination Commission, Denis Oswald, to meet with PM Costas Simitis. UN Security Council to issue resolution on Cyprus, following report on failed reunification talks. Supreme Judicial Council to decide whether or not to renew the term of the prosecutor investigating terrorist groups, Ioannis Diotis. EU nature directors meet in Alexandroupolis to discuss NATURA 2000 network. To Saturday. National Book Center in cooperation with Culture Ministry organizes a conference, as part of the Greek EU presidency, on the «European Book and Book Market in the European Union after Enlargement.» At the Byzantine Museum. To Friday. Friday Culture Ministry holds two-day seminar in Thessaloniki, as part of the Greek EU presidency, on «Sports and Social Cohesion – Sports and the Disabled, the Challenge of Paralympics.» To Saturday.