Macedonia governor suspended over breach

The controversial governor of Central Macedonia, Panayiotis Psomiadis, was suspended from duty on Monday, following a decision by the regional administrative official Thymios Sokos, and will reportedly be replaced by his brother, Dionysis Psomiadis.

Psomiadis, who received a one-year sentence that was suspended for three years on charges of violation of duty, said in response to his suspension, ?Only the people can kick me out; nothing is final, and there?s always the Supreme Court.?

The outspoken official said that his brother, currently alternate governor, would replace him and that he would continue to offer his services to the region on a voluntary basis.

Psomiadis was found guilty of breach of duty by an appeals court earlier this year for reducing a fine for a Thessaloniki gas station that sold adulterated fuel while he was the northern port city?s prefect.