Briton fatally stabbed in fight with Zakynthos cabbies

A 19-year-old British tourist has been killed on the island of Zakynthos following a fight with two local taxi drivers, Skai TV reported on Wednesday morning.

Sources said that another four Britons have been hospitalized following the altercation in Laganas, a popular resort with tourists from the UK that had a notorious reputation in the past.

One of the injured had to undergo surgery after being stabbed in the chest and neck.

Sources initially told Skai that the fight broke out after the taxi drivers objected to being repeatedly targeted by laser pens but this was not confirmed. Other reports suggested that an argument may have broken out over a disputed fare.

One of the drivers is alleged to have pulled a knife out during the fight, leading to the 19-year-old, who has not been named, being stabbed.

The two cabbies have been arrested.