Big drug haul in car near Vale of Tempe

A routine identity check on two Albanian motorists in northern Greece led to the seizure of over 6 kilograms of hard drugs found hidden in their car, police said yesterday. Early on Wednesday, border guards on the lookout for illegal immigrants near the Vale of Tempe, north of Larissa, stopped a car with an Albanian couple inside, and asked for their identity papers. When the woman was found to lack any documents, officers put her in their patrol car and drove toward the nearest police station to carry out an identity check, having instructed her companion – who said he was the woman’s husband – to follow in his car. On the way, the man suddenly turned off down a dirt track and drove away. Police eventually located the empty car near the village of Tempe. A careful search of the interior revealed 5.38 kilos of heroin and 1.12 kilos of cocaine. The woman, whose name was not made public, was arrested.