ND sets confidence vote as consensus talks deal breaker

New Democracy will refuse to enter talks with the ruling PASOK party about the formation of an interim government if Prime Minister George Papandreou wins a confidence vote in Parliament tonight, New Democracy MP Nikos Dendias has suggested.

Speaking to Skai radio on Friday morning, the former justice minister indicated that the conservatives fear Papandreou will use a positive vote in Parliament tonight to justify remaining in power rather than entering negotiations with ND to form an interim government.

?The only hope for the country is for PASOK?s parliamentary group to deny the government a majority in tonight?s vote,? said Dendias, who suggested Papandreou would interpret a ?yes? vote as a license to continue running the country.

His view was echoed by other New Democracy officials.

?We need a responsible vote from PASOK MPs tonight, which can only be for them to vote against this government,? Thanassis Skordas, New Democracy?s managing director told Skai TV.