Delays in civil service overhaul

Managers of state bodies and some ministry departments are under pressure to complete, by the end of Tuesday, lists of employees who are to be pushed into early retirement or a labor reserve scheme where they will receive 60 percent of their salary for a year before their status is reviewed.

Some 20,000 civil servants — either close to or at retirement age — are to be included in these lists which were supposed to have been submitted to the office of Administrative Reform Minister Dimitris Reppas by Monday?s deadline. Most missed the deadline, prompting Reppas to send out an e-mail to all his fellow ministers, appealing to them to show ?personal interest? in ensuring the procedure is completed. Sources told Kathimerini that the ministry?s general secretary, Eustathia Bergele, held a flurry of meetings and phone calls in a bid to speed up the process.

The delays are believed to have been caused by the demand that all employees prepare statements noting the number of years that count toward their pensions, not just from their current job but from previous employment.

Many employees reportedly followed the advice of their unionists and refused to sign statements, thus hampering the transfer of their personal details to insurance funds and holding up the whole process.

Reppas reportedly appealed to managers of state bodies and ministry departments to provide insurance funds with comprehensive documents containing the details of all staff who are to be included in the labor reserve program or who are slated for early retirement.