Mislaid scooter keys undo bank robber

A Rhodes seasonal worker was arrested when he rushed back into a local bank he had just robbed to retrieve the keys to his getaway vehicle, a report said yesterday. On Wednesday morning Vassilis Tsakiris, 41, rented a scooter, covered the number plate to avoid detection and parked outside a Commercial Bank branch at the seaside tourist resort of Faliraki, according to Eleftherotypia daily. He then donned a hood and, armed with a pistol, burst into the bank and told cashiers to empty the drawers. Tsakiris netted just under 16,000 euros and sprinted for the exit. But as he reached the motorbike, he realized he had mislaid the ignition keys and rashly went back into the bank to look for them. By then bank employees and customers had recovered enough to rush Tsakiris, overpower him and call the police. The robber was hospitalized with a twisted wrist.