Police officer in hospital after Syntagma mobbing

A police officer was hospitalized on Saturday afternoon after suffering an attack by citizens who had gathered at the spot where a 77-year-old committed suicide earlier in the week in central Athens.

The policeman ended up at the 401 military hospital with head injuries as he and a colleague of his were mobbed on their way out of the metro station at Syntagma Square.

People who had been to the funeral of Dimitris Christoulas, and then went back to where the pensioner had shot himself on Wednesday, attacked the police officer and took his coat, his bullet-proof vest, his belt and other equipment as well as his gun case.

They then hang the gun case and the coat at the tree where the 77-year-old was found dead three days earlier.

Police would not confirm the information that people also took the officer?s gun.

Earlier hundreds of people had peacefully attended the funeral of the pensioner at the Athens cemetery.