Poll sees SYRIZA gaining from possible second round

Greeks believe that the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) would make the most gains if Greece holds new elections next month, when 19 percent of voters intend to cast their ballot for different parties from those they backed on May 6, according to a new opinion poll.

The survey conducted by Public Issue for Sunday?s Kathimerini suggests 52 percent of Greeks believe SYRIZA will probably increase its share of the vote from the 16.8 percent it gained last Sunday.

The potential for the results in new elections to be different than on May 6 is underlined by the fact that only 81 percent of voters said they would stick with the parties they supported then.

Despite a potential change in support for the parties, 62 percent of Greeks do not think that any party will emerge with a parliamentary majority from new elections.

An opinion poll conducted by Public Issue in the week leading up to the May 6 elections but only published yesterday indicated that SYRIZA, which more than tripled its percentage compared to the 2009 elections, drew 37 percent of its supporters from PASOK and 14 percent from New Democracy. It also indicated that SYRIZA was by far the most popular party among Greeks aged under 55.

For the neofascist Chrysi Avgi, which also enjoyed a dramatic increase in support, the survey suggested that 61 percent of its voters had previously supported New Democracy or PASOK.