Army concern about cutbacks

Due to defense cuts, the availability of equipment and spare parts at the Greek army?s disposal is ?not satisfactory,? a source told Sunday?s Kathimerini.

The source said that soldiers have had to ?exhaust every type of ingenuity? by stripping old vehicles, vessels and even guns to service ones that are still in use. He added that the armed forces had cut down on their movements to reduce the amount of fuel they use.

?We have not run out of reserves at the moment but we cannot exhaust them either,? said Defense Minister Frangos Frangoulis, who added that he has a complete list of all the shortages and would hand it over to his successor as soon as a new government is formed.

?We are not asking for new funding for arms procurement. We are all aware of the situation. We just want to make sure we can keep what we have in good condition.?