Twitter launches a version in Greek

The social media platform, Twitter, has released a version in Greek, taking to 33 the number of languages that the networking tool is available in.

?Last May, we opened our Translation Center to 6 new languages using a new set of features we?ve created to make the translation process faster,? Twitter said in a blog post. ?There is more automation and more efficiency in this new system that allows for faster input from the translator community. On July 5th, we released in Ukrainian and Catalan as the first two languages from this batch.

Today we?re excited to announce that Twitter is now available in three more languages: Basque, Czech and Greek.?

Translation Center is a crowd-sourced effort to make more languages available in its 140-character format. It taps into a volunteer force of about 350,000 people around the world, according to

?We?d like to thank you, our dedicated translators, who made this launch happen by requesting and supporting Twitter in your language,? said Twitter. ?You are the ones who help us get closer to making Twitter available around the world.?

Twitter started adding foreign languages in April 2008, when it launched in Japanese. It followed with Spanish and French in November 2009.