Terrorism warning for Cyprus

NICOSIA (AFP) – Cypriot police yesterday confirmed warnings from foreign intelligence agencies that the island was a possible terrorist target. «We are taking the intelligence we receive very seriously and are evaluating it very carefully,» Police Chief Tassos Panayiotou said. «All the necessary pro-active measures available to us are being taken.» He did not elaborate on the source of the intelligence, intended targets or the nature of the threat. According to the Phileleftheros daily, Cypriot security has been alerted to «six terrorists trying to enter Cyprus by boat to carry out attacks against Western interests.» Security has been beefed up around areas thought to be vulnerable, such as embassies, marinas, ports and airports. «Terrorism is on the rise in the region, and Cyprus can’t be excluded as a possible terrorist target,» a Cypriot intelligence source told AFP. «Security has been stepped up given the continued flow of intelligence coming in, but Cyprus is not considered to be high risk.»