Doctors and seamen to stage protests next week

After the disruptions to Athens’s public transport system this week, strike action is due to affect other services in the coming week, with doctors, nurses and seamen among those who have planned to walk off the job.

On Thursday, January 31, doctors and other employees at public hospitals are to hold a 24-hour strike to protest the government’s reorganization of the health sector, which has resulted in the closure of dozens of departments.

Doctors and diagnostic centers working with the National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY) are due to strike the following day to protest a government plan to pay them 20 percent less than what they were owed by the social security funds that merged to form EOPYY.

Also on Friday, the civil servants’ union, ADEDY, has announced a work stoppage from noon until the end of employees’ shifts to allow its members to express opposition to health reforms.

Seamen are to stage a 48-hour strike from Thursday as they believe the government’s plan for coastal shipping will lead to fewer routes and will result in job losses.