Court clears media owner over social security debts

A first instance court in Athens has cleared Andreas Kouris, chairman of the Real Media SA company that owns Avriani newspaper and the now-defunct Alter TV channel, of any culpability in connection to one of the station’s unpaid social security bills.

The court deemed late on Monday that Kouris was a non-executive member of the Alter board when the 1.4-million-euro debt was created.

In January, Kouris received a suspended four-month jail sentence over 9 million euros of outstanding social security contributions.

A court also cleared Eleni Tegopoulou, the sister of former Eleftherotypia owner Mania Tegopoulou, with regard to the newspapers social security bill.

The court accepted that Eleni Tegopoulou was a non-executive board member and asked that her sister be investigated.