Marchers are divided, without a slogan to unite them

There is no united front to the demonstrations planned for Thessaloniki and Halkidiki, despite efforts to bring them all under the umbrella of the Thessaloniki Labor Center. Political differences as well as those at the level of organization appear to be insurmountable. The main slogans for the Communist Party, Action: Thessaloniki 2003, PAME and the Communist-led peace movement (EDYETH) are on the theme of «no to the barbarians’ congress,» and «no to the US, NATO and the EU.» The other main camp, consisting of the Greek Social Forum, has the General Confederation of Greek Workers (GSEE) on its side, as well as the civil servants’ union (ADEDY), other labor unions and social groups all calling for «people before profit» and saying that «a different Europe in a different world is feasible.» Then there are other groups – Resistance-Thessaloniki 2003, the Genoa 2001 Initiative, Stop the War Alliance, Thessaloniki 2003 Struggle Initiative and the Thessaloniki Anti-Racist Initiative.