Rude lollipops cause scandal in Tempe

Regional authorities in northern Greece have seized a consignment of penis-shaped children’s lollipops on sale at a popular beauty spot, reports said yesterday. Following complaints by a bus passenger whose young child drew her attention to the offending sweets at a highway rest stop in the Vale of Tempe, Larissa regional authority officials visited the shop and confiscated all the lollipops on sale which, according to the Athens News Agency, were available in various colors and sizes. The phallic sweets were traced to a wholesaler in Halki, a village 11 kilometers (7 miles) southeast of Larissa. The Larissa area, in fertile, rolling farmland cultivated since Neolithic times, enjoys an easygoing relationship with the male member, whose most famous manifestation is at the Tyrnavos Clean Monday festival, at the end of carnival, in which terracotta penises figure prominently.