Four burned in Piraeus revenge attack on dog

Four people suffered light burns and their dog was seriously injured at a Piraeus coffee shop yesterday after having a pail of burning petrol thrown at them by a man who apparently mistook the animal for the pit bull terrier that had bitten him a few days earlier. The assailant, an Egyptian national whose name was not made public, was under police guard in Piraeus’s Tzanneio Hospital yesterday after being beaten by friends of the victims, among whom was coffee shop owner Sotiris Desyllas. «He turned up with a pail containing four or five liters of petrol, set it on fire and threw it in our direction,» Desyllas told private Mega TV. «He seemed to be aiming for the dog.» The coffee shop owner and his three friends were not seriously hurt, but the dog, a rottweiler, suffered extensive burns. Desyllas told Mega the Egyptian had vowed revenge after being bitten in the coffee shop by a pit bull.