Corfu hospital unionists who attacked inspectors face suspension, minister says

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said on Friday that unionists at Corfu’s general hospital who were involved in violently harassing state inspectors visiting the institution on Thursday face suspension.

“The health service doesn’t want people like that, it doesn’t need them and it doesn’t want them,” Georgiadis told Skai on Friday.

The minister’s comments followed a visit by state inspectors to the island’s main hospital where unionists were captured on video threatening the officials and trapping them in a room to prevent them from doing their job. According to sources, several hospital staff had been unjustifiably absent from work that day.

Georgiadis said the incident, although “repugnant,” was an isolated phenomenon, noting that another 40 or so inspections at other hospitals across the country had been completed without such problems. He said he had ordered an investigation into the Corfu hospital incident.