Ex-minister plays down ‘breach’

Former minister Michalis Karchimakis has dismissed accusations that he had a top-secret document at his home and intends to appear before a magistrate on Friday to respont to charges that he breached state secrets legislation, the PASOK politician has told Kathimerini.

Magistrate Dimitris Foukas, who is investigating a wiretapping case first uncovered in 2005 and whether this was linked in any way with allegations of a plot to destabilize the then government, summoned Karchimakis in connection to a paper found at his house. The property was searched after a National Intelligence Service (EYP) agent claimed Karchimakis had asked for the document in 2006.

Speaking to Kathimerini, the ex-minister said the paper found was not a secret document but related to air accidents and that he had asked for it when he was shadow defense minister.