House ratifies appointment of new OPAD head, Democratic Left, Independent Greeks MPs raise age issue

A decision to appoint Constantinos Zacharakis, 77, as the new head of the Civil Servants’ Fund (OPAD) was ratified by a Greek Parliamentary committee on Wednesday.

Speaking in the House on the same day Zacharakis, a former MP, noted that OPAD was the main cash provider of the National Organization for Healthcare Provision (EOPYY), with contributions reaching about 1 million euros per annum.

Zacharakis also told lawmakers that major steps were being taken in terms of checking the organization’s finances and that checks had already revealed that about 30,000 people who appeared to be enrolled at the fund were not elligible to receive its healthcare services.

During the session Democratic Left and Indepedent Greeks deputies questioned Zacharakis’s appointment citing his age.