Two MPs quit Independent Greeks as Kammenos cites ‘pressure’

Independent Greeks leader Panos Kammenos (photo) suggested that the departure of two lawmakers from his anti-austerity party on Wednesday was the result of them coming under pressure.

“The pressure that is being placed on some of us knows no boundaries,” he said.

“Whoever can stand the pressure remains in the boat, whoever can’t quits.”

His comment came after Chrysoula Gaitagana and Costas Giovanopoulos said they were quitting the right-wing part, complaining that they were made to feel unwelcome.

“When even your presence becomes annoying, when your ideas do not inspire, when your initiatives are neutered, then you just depart,” the two deputies said in a joint statement, which did not give details about what they will do next.

The two lawmakers are set to continue as independents and indicated they remain committed to opposing Greece’s bailout agreement with the troika.