Weightlifter Dimas speaks of halting Golden Dawn MP during Parl’t session

Former Olympic weightlifting champion Pyrros Dimas, now a PASOK MP, said Thursday he was undeterred by threats from Golden Dawn after he intervened in Parliament to prevent a lawmaker from the far-right party assaulting independent deputy Petros Tatsopoulos on Wednesday.

Dimas stood in the way of Nikos Michos, reportedly telling him to sit down, after the Golden Dawn MP approached Tatsopoulos in Parliament, shouting at him to “shut up” after the independent had referred to the far-right lawmakers as “fascists.”

“I am not afraid of anyone or any threats,” Dimas wrote on Facebook, saying that Golden Dawn supporters had already started attacking him on the Internet.

“Democracy is not subjective and patriotism cannot be measured in weight,” added the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympic gold medalist.

“I respect and love Pyrros Dimas,” said Tatsopoulos. “I thank him for his intervention. There is no doubt in my mind that I would have been beaten up otherwise,” added the former SYRIZA MP, who referred to Golden Dawn’s lawmakers as “meatheads with the intelligence of cockroaches.’