MP steps in to get power back on at invalid’s home

An MP had to intervene to get the electricity supply restored to the home of a man who requires a machine to help him breathe just days after a woman on life support died in Hania, Crete, as a result of her power being cut over unpaid bills.

MP Zeta Makri wrote to Public Power Corporation (PPC) on Friday saying that she had received a complaint from Nea Anchialos in Magnesia that the power supply had been cut at the home of a man who was on an oxygen respirator.

The company, which has launched an investigation into the death earlier this week of the 56-year-old woman in Crete, said that it had no knowledge there was a patient whose life depended on having a constant power supply at the Nea Anchialos residence.

The company also urged all consumers in this category to inform PPC by calling the hotline 11770.