Greece talking to lenders on post-bailout credit line, says Samaras

Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Friday said his government is in talks with lenders over the country’s post-bailout period, including a potential credit line Athens could tap in case of market turmoil.

“It has been clear from Greece’s side that we don’t need a new bailout,» Samaras said in a statement.

“In any case, we all agree that Greece will stick to the path of reforms. Therefore, there is agreement on the day after and there is a serious discussion with our partners and lenders on the first transitional phase.”

Samaras wants Greece to abandon an EU/IMF bailout by the end of the year, over a year ahead of schedule.

Last week he said Athens was discussing the possibility of a precautionary credit line after the IMF suggested Greece pursue such an option. Speculation on such a facility has grown in recent days following a three-day selloff in Greek stocks and bonds.