No breakthrough in Romanos case after hunger striker’s father meets PM

After meeting Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and Justice Minister Haralambos Athanasiou on Monday, the father of hunger striker Nikos Romanos said on Monday that there has been no breakthrough in his dispute with the government.

“I think they will discuss it again and I hope they find a solution,” said Giorgos Romanos, whose son entered the 29th day of his hunger strike on Monday.

“I want my child’s demands to be met,” said the hunger striker’s father.

Romanos, an anarchist who has been convicted of armed robbery, is refusing to eat until the government allows him to be granted furlough so he can attend a business management course at Athens Technical College. Athanasiou has drawn up new legislation that would allow all prisoners to study from jail. He is due to submit this to Parliament on Tuesday but Romanos has indicated that he will stop drinking liquids as well if the minister does not do more.

“As they hours and days go by, the possibility of death, and what this would mean for the government, is growing,” said Giorgos Romanos. “A large section of society knows who has a just position on this issue.”