Showers, storms roll in from the west

A wet front sweeping in from the west will bring showers and the occasional storm on Tuesday and Wednesday, starting in the islands of the Ionian on Tuesday and spreading across the mainland.

Southerly winds will be blowing at speeds of 3-4 Beaufort in most parts of the country, picking up to 6 or 7 Beaufort in the northern Ionian, while average temperatures will reach a daytime high of 12 Celsius in northern Greece, 15-16C in western and mainland Greece, and 16-17 degrees Celsius in the Aegean.

In Athens, cloudy skies may bring a few brief showers on Tuesday and longer downpours on Wednesday, though the daytime temperature will remain moderate at around 15C.

Showers in Thessaloniki are expected to be quite strong in parts, while the northern port city should also expect fog on Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as a high temperature of 11C.