Four-year-old Syrian girl found beside dead father near Evros River

A 4-year-old Syrian girl was found sheltering from the cold beside her father’s body by a farmer in northern Greece who was inspecting his water-pumping station, located some 300 meters from Evros River on the Greek-Turkish border, police reported on Friday.

The man has been identified by papers found on his body as a 32-year-old Syrian national and it is believed he died after making it across the river in treacherous conditions. His young daughter is thought to have remained with his body for at least 10 hours before she was found by the farmer.

An autopsy will determine whether the 32-year-old died of hypothermia after police ruled out foul play.

Temperatures in northern Greece have been at below 0 Celsius levels for nearly a week, bringing heavy snowfall and icy winds.

The 4-year-old, meanwhile, has been transferred to the care of the Smile of the Child charity organization’s Thessaloniki hostel, where an interpreter ascertained that she is Syrian but is unable to relate the events that led to her father’s death.

Doctors confirmed she is in a good physical condition, though she has suffered intense shock.

The organization is working with international agencies in a bid to locate other members of the 4-year-old’s family.