Second house searched following Xeros arrest, bomb equipment found

Police were searching on Monday a second house linked to November 17 terrorist Christodoulos Xeros, who was arrested on Saturday at Anavyssos, southeast of Athens.

The property, in Loutraki some 80 kilometers west of Athens, was rented by a young woman using the same fake ID card that was found at the property Xeros had been living in when he was caught.

Police said they found two cars and a white van at the property. Officers suggested on Sunday that Xeros had been planning to pack a van with explosives and detonate it outside Korydallos Prison in order to help members of the urban guerrilla group Conspiracy of the Cells of Fire escape.

According to police, bomb making material was discovered at the property in Loutraki. Officers believe that between four to six people were due to take part in the breakout attempt.

Police are looking for at least one more man who was spotted at the property in Anavyssos. He is thought to be 30 years old and was the man who rented the property. He told the owner that he was a coast guard officer. Kalashnikov assault rifles and RPG launchers were found at the house.

Xeros appeared before a magistrate on Monday but refused to answer any questions, referring only to a brief statement he released after his arrest.