Sbokos being blackmailed in jail, case file suggests

The former general secretary for military procurements Yiannis Sbokos, who is serving time in jail after being convicted of money laundering, is being blackmailed by a fellow felon, according to a case file prepared by the police.

The documents suggest the convict, Yiannis Sk., was informed that Sbokos has 10 million euros in cash by fellow inmate and former Defense Minister Akis Tsochatzopoulos. Sbokos and Tsochatzopoulos were jailed after being found to have accepted millions in bribes as part of arms deals.

Sbokos’s home in Nea Erythraia, northern Athens, was targeted three times by bombs after Yiannis Sk. allegedly told the first public official in January 2014 that he would intimidate him unless he handed over some of his money.