GD’s Kasidiaris granted deposition extension in Baltakos case

Golden Dawn deputy Ilias Kasidiaris, currently in pre-trail detention in high-security Korydallos Prison, was granted an extension on Thursday with regard to his deposition in a case involving the secret recording of a conversation with former cabinet secretary Panayiotis Baltakos, a close aide to former premier Antonis Samaras. Kasidiaris had requested and was granted an extension to make his deposition on March 5.

While Kasidiaris awaits trial over criminal charges related to the ultra nationalist party’s alleged illegal activities, additional charges were brought against him over the illegal recording which features a discussion on the Golden Dawn trial.

Speaking to the press outside Korydallos Prison on Thursday, Kasidiaris noted that while he was paying the price for telling the truth, Golden Dawn was “the country’s third political power.”