Blix: US led us astray on Iraq

Nothing that might eventually be discovered in Iraq could justify the US attack on the country, the former head of the United Nations weapons inspectors in Iraq, Hans Blix, argued in an interview with the Sunday Kathimerini. «It is clear that the critical thinking we applied led us less astray than did the assertive thinking of the US administration,» Blix said. «We never said there were weapons of mass destruction. What we said was that the Iraqis could not answer all our questions regarding their arsenal. But, for the Bush administration, ‘unaccounted for’ equaled ‘existing. ‘» Asked why the Iraqis were so evasive, Blix said: «It is a bit like hanging outside your door a sign that reads ‘beware of the dog’ without actually having a dog. However, the sign alone doesn’t protect you.» Blix dismissed the alleged threat posed by Iraqi weapons of mass destruction as «guesswork,» and argued that the fact Israel is allowed to possess nuclear weapons is a sign of international double standards on the issue.

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